28 & 29 februari 2024 : Nekkerhal Mechelen

Class management: Creating a culture – how to teach behaviour so that all students can succeed

Good behavior is the beginning of good learning. All students deserve classrooms where it is quiet and safe, and where everyone treats each other with dignity. It is one of the most important tasks of the teacher to create such a space. But this does not happen automatically. It is not enough to say that students should behave, good behavior will have to be taught deliberately and with great effort. Control in the classroom is a practical guide that helps teachers with this. Practical, scientifically based and based on the expertise of great teachers from around the world. It is full of strategies, tips and sound advice that every teacher – new or experienced – can use.


*KO = kleuteronderwijs; LO = lager onderwijs; SO = secundair onderwijs; HO = hoger onderwijs; VO = volwassenenonderwijs; BULO / BUSO = buitengewoon onderwijs

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